Sad day for local music fans. If you haven’t heard these guys then take up the free downloads. You’ll enjoy as much as I did

The B of the Bang

“…this is the end…beautiful friend, the end….”

Heavy of heart. That time has finally come. Details of a Take That style help line can be found at the bottom of this transmission.


That’s it. Finito. An ex-band. Sink or Soar time. Unfortunately, we have sunk. We’ve been listing out here in the ocean for a little while now and have taken on too much water to stay afloat. Enough boaty talk.

Two more excellent gigs lined up (Victorious Festival and Southsea Fest) which we’re really looking forward to as they’re both very close to our heart. Then we’re scampering off into the sunset whilst the credits roll and sad violin music plays.

I’d love to tell you that we’ve all fallen out over ‘musical differences’. I’d love to tell you that Elliott has become addicted to Wotsits and gone into rehab…

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