Royal Blood – Portsmouth Guildhall Review 2 March 2015

Lets be honest, the Brit awards are rubbish. Far too often they select any old chuff that the major labels wish to promote and recently they even have stopped giving lifetime achievement awards to, instead, look at promoting anything just to give someone who they want to show as a winner.

This years awards were no different with one vital exception, best British group. Usually reserved for the vastly over-rated coldplay but this time round they actually picked someone good.

Last year I was so impressed by Royal,Blood’s debut album that I selected it second in my favourites of 2014. It was a superb record and I was also fortunate to see their 35 minute cameo at Reading.

The opportunity to catch their headline tour when it came to Portsmouth was just too good to miss and they did plenty to show why they may well become the biggest band in the country.

Opening with a blistering Hole to an almost black room, the 70 minutes that followed was something to behold. How just two people can make so much noise is remarkable and, buoyed by that noise, the packed arena was really up for it. The stage was minimal with the band pretty much only being backlight but that just added to,the atmosphere.

The great songs didn’t relent, come on over, figure it out and the sublime Little Monster were played to rapturous applause and plenty of anarchic moshing. Even a superb cover of 20th Century Boy really felt like it belonged to them.

It was all over too soon, with only the one album it wasn’t going to be a long night but there will be nobody at the Guildhall who would have felt short changed. As singer Mike Kerr put it, I love my job I get to have fun every night. Well on this night he was far from alone.

If they can produce the goods on their next album then it wouldn’t be a wild suggestion that Royal Blood are only at the beginning of a highly successful career.


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